Bioinformatics Products using IFTI database content

QSeq® is DNASTAR's Next-Gen application for RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq alignment and analysis. QSeq's ChIP-Seq method allows you to locate the binding sites of DNA-associated proteins selected from the Transcription Factor Database (or specified using a type-in pattern or position weight matrix), and determine how these proteins interact with the DNA to affect expression in nearby genes.

DNASTAR's Lasergene® is a comprehensive DNA and protein sequence analysis software suite comprised of seven applications which include functions ranging from sequence assembly and SNP detection, to automated virtual cloning, primer design and gene discovery. Lasergene's GeneQuest™ application allows you to easily search nucleotide sequences for transcription factor binding sites using species-specific sequence patterns.

Accelrys tfPatterns is a standalone java tool that can be used as a component in Accelrys Pipeline Pilot .