ooTFD (object-oriented Transcription Factors Database) is a successor to TFD, the original Transcription Factors Database . ooTFD has been tested in a number of object-oriented database management systems, including ROL (Rule-based Object Language), and MOOD (Materials object-oriented database), and it is currently maintained using the pure java object database ozone . Descriptions of recent versions of this resource have been published in the 2000 Nucleic Acids Research database issues, reproduced with permission from NAR online , and in the NAR online database supplements collection as Accession Number 185.   A depiction of associated data currently linked to ooTFD can be found in ooTFD 2006.

A number of ooTFD access tools are under development, such as the MOOD/ooTFD java interface , the ooTFD tftree viewer , and the ozone-based ooTFD retrieval service below. For hints on the most suitable approach for your query, try Tf-Advisor .

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